4 Pillars of Mental Health Wellness


Being Well is a personal journey and experience. At Be.WELL Psychotherapy and Wellness, your mental and emotional well-being are our priority.


EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is an individual therapy technique designed to treat patients by reprocessing a negative or distressing emotional response or traumatic memory, by using bilateral stimulation.


Psychiatry, like Psychotherapy, is used to help treat all types of mental health challenges, from stress and anxiety, to personality disorders, depression, and trauma.

Mind/Body Coaching

Mind/Body Coaching is BeWELL’s answer to the ways trauma, stress and living life as a human affect both the mind and the body.

Our Integrative Psychotherapy and Wellness practices consist of 4 pillars of comprehensive mental health wellness: Psychotherapy, EMDR, Holistic Psychiatry and Mind/Body Coaching. These 4 Pillars of Mental Health Wellness are designed to support your overall mind and body health. Our approach to treatment allows for 360 degrees of mental health care for individuals, couples, groups and teens. We are committed to creating a place for you to be curious and thrive by offering a variety of specialities and methodologies personalized to your needs.

Why Be.WELL?

Nobody is immune to life’s challenges, and our mission is to support you so you don’t struggle alone. If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, loneliness, stress, guilt, grief, disappointment, sadness, displaced anger, intimacy issues, trouble with communication, overwhelm or just a feeling of being stuck, we are here for you!  –  For some of us the negative feelings are consistent, for some they are temporary – whatever your experience – you are entitled to Be.WELL.


Our services are tailored to the needs of the patient. We do understand that sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin. Contact us and we will be happy to provide our recommendation for your best treatment

Individual Therapy

Anxiety, depression, addiction, worry, grief, and feelings of helplessness can be crippling. Individual therapy provides you with an understanding of the origins of these feelings and the tools to navigate your life as you develop better coping mechanisms and skills that alleviate suffering.

Couples Counseling

Being part of a couple can be one of the most satisfying parts of life but it can also be the one of the most painful. Life’s expectation of happily ever after is often tainted by infidelity, miscommunication, fertility, money issues, sick children, job loss, empty nest and more.

Sometimes having a therapist hear what you are trying to say to your partner helps clear the communication blocks that hold couples back from intimacy, connection and growth.

Be.WELL. Therapists specialize in all partnerships, same sex, opposite sex, polyamorous and any combination of nontraditional coupling.

A Be.WELL Therapist will help you and your partner to listen to each other in a new way, understand what the other is trying to say, and help you develop new ways to communicate that fosters growth both individually and together. Helping to heal and to grow together.

Teen Therapy

If you are having trouble getting through to your teen, teen therapy is for any young person who is struggling during this time in their life. Working with a Be.WELL. Therapist, your teen will have a better understanding of their thoughts and feelings, putting them into words and finding emotional freedom from the pressures of being a teen.

Adolescence is a defining time in a young person’s life. Filled with ever changing hormones, and identity shifts, young people are at their most vulnerable and impressionable ages during this time. Bombarded by social pressure, social media and academic pressure, adolescents can become overwhelmed. Symptoms like depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia, sexual promiscuity, and more can make this time unmanageable for a young person.

We typically see young people between the ages of 12-18. If your child falls outside of this range we are happy to discuss how we can ensure we provide treatment specific to their needs.

Mind/Body Coaching

Mind/Body Coaching is BeWELL’s answer to the ways trauma, stress and living life as a human affect both the mind and the body. Using holistic health practices and mindfulness tools in a program individually tailored to you, Mind/Body Coaching empowers you to bring balance to your sleep, digestion, creativity, physical resilience, and mental clarity. Your Mind/Body Coach partners with you on self-awareness, healing your nervous system, and healthy behaviors for optimal physical and mental vitality.


EMDR therapy works to dull or desensitize a negative or traumatic memory, by focusing on the memory or event itself. With the use of bilateral stimulation, a patient is able to reprocess a negative memory and install a positive or peaceful resolution, in place of the distressing one. EMDR is thought to work because the patient uses both sides of their brain, which allows the brain to change the way the negative memory or trauma is stored in the brain, thus breaking the cycle of the memory, so a patient can gain a sense of calm, acceptance, and safety. EMDR can be combined with Talk Therapy and/or Mind/Body Coaching for a full experience of mental health wellness.

Holistic Psychiatry

At Be.WELL, we understand that each individual has unique and personalized needs when it comes to healing, finding happiness, and taking care of their mental health. What works for some, may not always work for another client, and it is our job to find the best fit for each person’s individual mental well being. We strive to take a holistic approach to mental health and healing, that may include biomedicine. Our integrated team includes practitioners who are certified and well versed in the use of medication to nurture people’s healing process.


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