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Many of us are at home working right now, or have suffered the loss of employment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At BeWELL, our Manhattan based psychotherapy practice has moved to online therapy in NYC so that our patients and our clinicians can stay healthy and keep others healthy. Doing this also allows us to give you the best care possible during these times.

We are offering all of our services via Online Therapy NYC. We are committed to helping you navigate the emotional ebbs and flows that come with everyday life and living in the current COVID-19 Climate.  We acknowledge that the feeling of online counseling is very different from what many of you are used to, and getting started with a new therapist over an online service is much different than meeting them in person. 

Despite these inconveniences, Online Therapy NYC has proven to have the same results as in person counseling, and we believe is just as important, if not more important during this term of worldwide trauma.

Other issues that some of you may have in regards to online therapy NYC surrounds finding peace, privacy, and time during this chaos. Everyone is having very different experiences wherever they are socially isolating.

Below please find what we can recommend to best optimize an online counseling session is:

1. Schedule a time that you know you can have some privacy. If you are comfortable letting those you are socially distancing with know that you are having the session, when your sessions are; so they can hopefully minimize distractions, and not accidentally barge into your private session.

2. Find a space that you can return to consistently so that you set the tone each session of being in “in the office.” Too further this “in office” feeling, you might want to prepare for the session, as you would if you were headed into the city. That might mean putting on a casual outfit, making yourself a cup of coffee/tea, or taking a quick outdoor walk right before your session time.

3. Whether you change outfits or take a walk, it is beneficial to stop what you are doing 10-15 minutes before your session to clear your head. Just like you would if you were commuting to the office. Give yourself time to switch gears, collect your thoughts and be present for yourself. This is your time. 

4. Allow for 15-20 minutes after your session to yourself. Just as you would if you were leaving the office and heading home.  

5. BeWELL Psychotherapy uses GOOGLE MEET which is a HIPPA Compliant platform. Your Therapist will send you a link to your session and will “let you in” at the time your session. Have your computer or phone charged and set up, check your WiFi Connection so that you do not feel burdened or confused by the technology and you can alleviate some anxiety before starting. 

Why Start Now

Although, due to the current crisis, many may feel as though they do not want to start another relationship at the moment, online counseling is a great way to process the effects of the pandemic. Some of the issues that may have arisen or been strengthened due to COVID-19 are:

  • Anxiety: We are stuck in a state of not knowing what is going to come next. The lack of information or the misinformation circulating about the virus and the stay at home order will make many of us nervous and feel like we have lost control.
  • Loneliness: Socialization is a necessity for humans. That is why the current social distancing orders pose a big risk to our mental health. If you are isolated alone or isolated in an unsafe environment it is important to find comforting connections however you can, which most likely means virtually for the time being. 
  • Lack of Sleep: An increase in anxiety may translate to a lack of sleep. Lack of sleep may be due to an with one’s mental health, but the effects can harm one’s physical self, and it is highly important that we keep our bodies strong and healthy to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Grief: There may be multiple causes of grief at the moment. It could be caused due to the loss of a job, loss of a loved one, or loss of routine. Whatever may be the cause, now more than ever, grief is an extremely acceptable feeling, and one that might be beneficial to talk through.
  • Depression: Whether it be the lack of sun exposure, the feeling of loneliness, or triggered by the horrific stories that are flooding the news all day and all night, it is not unusual to be feeling more down or depressed at this time.

Here at BeWELL our goal is that you are mentally and emotionally well at all times. Our mission is that we support you at feeling the best you can given the current circumstances. 

We are here to help you navigate any of the feelings listed above and more. 

We want to help you reflect on these past few months, create game plans for the future, and guide you towards positive outcomes. Though times may be extra stressful, our goal is to emerge from this crisis being stronger than ever both mentally and physically. Through online therapy NYC we want to create a space where you feel safe to voice whatever feelings you are having at the moment. Everyone is pushing their way through this pandemic differently, and no way is more right or more wrong. 

To remind us of that we have chosen to highlight to this quote:

“We are in the same storm but we are not in the same boat” (unknown) 

In the COVID-19 Climate this is not the time to do it alone. Experienced, compassionate BeWELL Therapists are here to help you. For more information on each of our clinicians, please visit the BeWELL team member page here. We look forward to seeing you (virtually of course).

Our BeWELL therapists are well learned in a variety of fields and are here to help you become your best self. Whether you are struggling with issues related to Anxiety, Depression, Sexual Orientation, Race and Identity, school, or relationships, BeWELL therapists welcome you with an open ear.

As always, your initial consultation is free, just clicked below to get started.

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