Gillian Lichter, LMHC


Gillian Lichter believes the most important element of therapy is the client-therapist relationship, and so her approach is compassionate and collaborative. She seeks to provide a safe, supportive environment that fosters empowerment and self-acceptance. Throughout the therapy process, Gillian and her clients explore and gain insight into present and past experiences to better understand personal and interpersonal dynamics and recurring patterns of thinking and behaving. In a person-centered environment, she works with clients to set goals, identify barriers, and develop constructive coping strategies to manage internal and external stressors.

Gillian practices from a psychodynamic framework and may integrate mindfulness and other approaches depending on the needs of each client. She specializes in depression, anxiety, LGBTQ+ issues, trauma, family conflict, polyamory, career-related concerns, and substance use and sobriety. Gillian is a culturally competent therapist and especially enjoys working with people within the LGBTQ+ community and people in the entertainment industry, both for individual and couples work.

With empathy and humor, Gillian hopes to help clients further their identity development and improve their overall quality of life. She is committed to meeting clients where they are and being a non-judgmental source of support as clients navigate through life’s ebbs and flows.

Accessible at our 928 Broadway location. Gillian is currently accepting new appointments.

New York University, MA, Counseling for Mental Health & Wellness
Alfred University, BA, Clinical/Counseling Psychology

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Watch Gillian’s “Feeling Stuck? How to Explore Who You Are, Who You’ve Been, and Become Who You Want To Be” Free Therapy Webinar event.

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