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How does BeWELL support adolescent clients differently from others?

BeWELL Therapists collaborate with youth and work to help them navigate their main environments: we’re talking family and school. The adolescent will learn to become an advocate for themselves in these critical areas during this important time. Through BeWELL therapy, our adolescents are equipped to show up both at home and at school in a new way, with enhanced communication as well as understanding.

How will I know therapy will help my adolescent? Why should adolescents see a therapist?

Therapy will help you and your teen to hear each other in a new way. If you find it difficult to communicate with your adolescent, we can help. However, communication is only one piece of the puzzle as to why therapy is important for teens. If your teen is more distracted than usual, sleeping more than normal, more anxious, being bullied, pressured by the demands of school, worried about college or any major change in their behavior — consult a BeWELL therapist. We will work for and with you to improve your situation.

What can teens expect when visiting a therapist for the first time?

Your teen can expect an open and accepting environment where they are able to say anything without fear of trouble. Adolescent Therapy has the same boundaries as adult therapy – parents and guardians are kept updated with the teen’s agreement and awareness. This builds the important element of trust, which is foundational – it allows the teen to have the autonomy they need to make shifts and ultimately find the best words to communicate their needs and feelings.

What types of therapy do BeWELL therapists employ?

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Group Therapy are employed at our New York City and Hoboken, NJ therapy practices when appropriate, our therapists will layer in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) techniques to support your teen in making the changes they want. Through these techniques, they will learn more about how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors influence one another.

As a teen, how do I know when I’m making progress with therapy? What are the benefits?

Teens realize they are making progress when relationships with parents, friends and school become more positive . Additionally, when the negative noise in their heads softens and a new more positive sound comes through – we’re finding success. Teens at BeWELL often find that balancing all that is on their plate becomes easier to juggle with the tools and techniques learned in therapy.

What makes BeWELL different for teenagers?

BeWELL Therapists are consistently up to date on the latest trends for adolescents. Most have direct contact to teens regularly through our BeHER TEEN Program, which allows them to relate well to this age group. Ultimately, at its core, understanding and supporting young people is inherent in the mission of BeWELL.

Our BeWELL therapists are well learned in a variety of fields and are here to help you become your best self. Whether you are struggling with issues related to Anxiety, Depression, Sexual Orientation, Race and Identity, school, or relationships, BeWELL therapists welcome you with an open ear.

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