Jordan Shapiro, LMSW


My approach to therapy is simple: a relationship built on trust and value can change your life. I have worked with clients for years to build this kind of relationship both inside and outside of the room. Using a blend of honesty and warmth I endeavor to help people realize they are more than their worst thoughts about themselves. I will work with you to uncover underlying limiting beliefs and emotions to help restore confidence in yourself, and therefore a better understanding of your thoughts, feelings and reactions.
I am passionate about working with clients, particularly those experiencing anxiety, depression, difficulty adjusting to major life transitions, imposter syndrome, or career related stresses. My main goal is to improve the quality of your life and your relationships. I use an eclectic approach consisting of talk therapy techniques as well as cognitive behavioral and emotional regulatory skills that will allow us to dive into what is making you feel stuck.

I consider my clients the experts on their lives and my role is to help guide them to uncovering those negative patterns- allowing them to live more engaged, richer lives. My goal is to have you leaving our sessions feeling understood, cared for and hopefully a little calmer.

I was raised in Miami, Florida and moved to New York City to receive my Masters degree at Columbia University’s School of Social Work. In addition to providing therapy, I supervise second year graduate interns obtaining their degree in clinical social work. When I’m not in session, you can likely find me petting the nearest dog or scouting out New York City’s best chocolate chip cookie.

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