How to Pay for Therapy

Be.WELL. is a fee for service practice. We offer HIgh Touch service to all members of our community, from our initial intake process, billing and highly trained clinicians and coaches. We understand that budgeting for therapy can be stressful and confusing. We provide as many options as possible to help offset the cost of your sessions.

Credit or Debit Card

Be.WELL. requires that you keep a current active credit card on file to cover the cost of your session. 24 hours after your session you will be billed. You are responsible to keep your card updated in your online portal.


We welcome you to leave your HSA or FSA card on file to cover the cost of your sessions in lieu of a credit card. This amount can all be applied to cover the cost of your sessions:

Maximum HSA contribution for 2021 is $3600
Maximum FSA contribution for 2021 is $2750

Please ask your employer if you have any questions or if your company offers these benefits.


Most major insurance companies offer a care cash benefit to its members. Check with your benefits department to see if your insurance company has this as an option with your benefits package. This benefit can be applied to your mental health coverage

Out of Network Insurance benefits

As a courtesy to you to help offset the cost of your sessions, we offer a full service in house billing support staff.
The following are the typical steps we take with your insurance company:

  • We call your insurance company prior to your first session and find out all the information we can (such as your out of network deductible, reimbursement rate, and insurance policy).
  • If you have out of network benefits you will need to satisfy your deductible before your coverage starts.
  • We let you know your deductible and will help you to create a schedule that will work within your budget
  • We bill “on assignment” for most insurance plans. These insurances will reimburse BeWELL. We monitor your deductible and once it is met, we will reduce your out of pocket expenses.
  • In some cases your insurance plan is not one that we bill “on assignment” you will be informed prior to the start of your relationship with your provider. You will be responsible for filing your own claims. We will supply you with a monthly Super Bill for your insurance company to assist in the process and alleviate much of the confusion.

**Unfortunately we won’t know until we bill for your first session how much of your session rate will be applied to the deductible. Once we have that information our Billing Department will make sure you get the information.

At this point we will let you know what your adjusted out of pocket rate will be. In some cases, insurance companies can take up to 30 days to process your claim, so we ask for your patience

At times we may need your help with your insurance company. Please know before we loop you in we have done as much as we can on your behalf. We understand that insurance companies make things confusing.

Therapy Funds

Loveland Therapy Fund

Loveland Therapy Fund provides financial support to Black women and girls nationally. Please find their information here:

Ask Your Tax Professional

We often overlook the possibility for health care services as a tax write off. Check in with your tax professional and find out how she plans to account for the money spent when it comes to filing your taxes. You may be surprised how this line item may actually be helpful at tax time.

Sliding Scale

Our Master’s Level Clinical Interns provide sliding scale services for a discounted rate of $75 per session. Each intern is directly supervised by a Senior Staff Clinician and provides the same quality of care you would receive from any member of the Be.WELL. team.

*The choice to provide services out of network is so that we can provide you with the flexibility of choice of therapist and to not have a clinical diagnosis follow you. Mental Health diagnoses are flexible and you deserve to have the freedom of that flexibility not inhibit your future in any way.

CareCredit for Psychiatry

The CareCredit credit card can help pay for psychiatry costs with special financing options. Learn how it works and apply today!


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