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Things are different now. As Leaders your responsibilities have shifted, and attention to the mental health wellness of your employees is now a priority. BeWELL has created a way for you to address the needs of your team and support their well being. This initiative is designed to support your employees’ well-being while creating a workplace where they can thrive.


We have updated the long outdated EAP with a 4 session offering combining our integrated approach to mental and emotional wellbeing. Each employee on your team is paired with a therapist and/or mind-body coach who will address the unique concerns of your team member. Sessions are focused on work/personal situations and stressors that may be impacting the employee’s ability to focus, participate, and be present at work. The result is employees who are more fulfilled and able to engage meaningfully with longevity in your organization.

How it works

First, our team meets with the leadership of your organization to address your company’s specific needs. Once assessed, your company will be assigned a BeWELL Concierge to assist you throughout the process. We will host an all staff information session explaining why taking care of your mental health is for everyone and how our integrative approach works. We’ll explain our mind/body approach and give an overview of Psychotherapy, EMDR Trauma Processing and Mind/Body Coaching.

We will also address when to seek support and the benefits to your employees overall wellbeing. We will walk the team through how to sign up for their sessions, which service or combination of services is best for them. After the meeting we will host office hours to anyone who has questions about how to get started.

Ongoing Support for your team and at every level of Leadership

In addition to the 4 sessions per employee, BeWELL has a library of workshops, webinars and content for your team to access at any point. We can also create unique groups for your team to address pain points in your culture.

Examples of workshops:

  • Leadership at Every level – taking ownership of your role
  • Imposter Syndrome – how to transform the negative voice in your head
  • I have ADHD and want more tools for managing work and personal life
  • How to set beneficial boundaries for work and home
  • Anxiety is affecting my work life – how do I manage it?
  • Tips and Tricks for managing work, kids and relationships
  • Conscious Communication at Work – how to talk to your team for collaboration and the best results
  • Intro to Meditation – benefits for mind and body
  • Scheduling for Success – how to make the most of your day
  • and more…

C Suite Coaching

A team is only as good as its leader. Members of your C Suite are paired with Senior Leaders of the BeWELL Team. Weekly or Bi Monthly meetings support a culture shift in your organization and in your personal and professional life. Intensives are created for the senior members in leadership to support decision making, conscious communication, implementation of a sustainable anti-racist culture and more.

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