Cristina Maria RojasFernandez, LCSW

Psychotherapist, Clinical Director
She/They ; I/We

Cristina Maria is devoted to helping humans (beings/persons) live in full health, wellness and presence and believes in limitless possibilities.  She works with each person at their pace – meeting them where they are/as they are – ‘walking’ together on the journey through Life.  The client-therapist relationship is a partnership – mutually growing and supporting the client(s) in their wholeness.   Utilizing a Strengths Perspective, clients are seen in their power, while at the core of the relationship, is their unique insight and understanding of them Self & the Collective.

At the center of Cristina Maria’s service is a Whole-istic healing approach integrated with an array of Healing Arts.  Over the last decade, they have bridged 20 years of clinical social work experience with Spirit Medicine.  They have vast knowledge of Herbal/PlantSpirit Medicine, Expanded States of Consciousness, Entheogens, Old Age Shamanic Traditions and Ascension Wisdoms.  This has deepened their understanding of human-social development and the soul-spirit experience ranging from the Self through the Generational/Ancestral.  In their psychotherapeutic work, they use a variety of methods such as CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Harm-Reduction and Supportive Psycho-Dynamic therapy and tools such as Journeying, Visioning, Meditation and Sound/Energy.   Every client -individual/partnership/family/group – has an expansive opportunity to heal old wounds and live a healthy Now.

Their diverse experience working with multi-faceted psychological, physical and psychiatric manifestations affords Cristina Maria a comprehensive knowledge base of Mind-Body-Soul healing.  From a ‘tough day’ to illogical/confusing thoughts or problematic behaviors, she works with each person uniquely and compassionately.    She fosters a trusting, shame/guilt free space that welcomes all to be fully expressed and experienced.  This allows for that which is asking to be released – to be fully seen, wholly healed and truly let-go.  An empowerment, wellness, ‘all is welcome here’ approach that offers each being the safety to be their Authentic Expression and live in their Full Essence.

Cristina Maria is grateful to be part of the dynamic BeWELL team and welcomes working with all beings at all levels of existence.

Academic Credentials

Licensed Clinical Social Worker – NY

Licensed Social Worker – NJ

Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI) Certification, Columbia University

Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management, Rutgers University

Master of Social Work (MSW), Advanced Standing Program Emphasis: Administration, Policy, and Planning, Rutgers University

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), Kean University

Herbalist and WiseWoman Healer – WiseWoman Healing Ways Apprenticeship w/ Robin Rose Bennett

Shamanic Practitioner – Medicine Way Apprenticeship Program w/ Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman Caceras

Shamanic Practitioner – Portal Path to Ascension Program w/ Kate Anjahlia Loye

Ordained Minister – Universal Life Church
Lambda Theta Alpha, Latin Sorority Inc
NY Shamanic Circle Core Member
NJ Center for Hispanic Policy, Research and Development (CHPRD) Fellow

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