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Ep 091 – BeREAL 2021 Memories

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Welcome back to BeREAL! Diana and Ednesha come together for their final episode of the season to look back at all their favorite BeREAL 2021 Memories.


Diana starts off by telling her favorite episode, which is episode 59 with Vanessa Risetto. Diana really appreciated her views on diet culture and her holistic nutrition approach. Ednesha’s favorite was with Riana Milne. Riana spoke about love trauma. She outlined the top ten childhood traumas and spoke on addition and abuse within families. Don chimes in to tell Jess’ favorite episode which was with Dr. Carlton Green. She appreciated the way he bridged education, psychology, and religion. Diana adds on that she enjoyed how passionate and compassionate he was on the subject. 


Diana’s next favorite episode was with Michael Lee Scott. Michael came to celebrate Pride Month and talk about the work he does with Broadway Cares and Broadway Bares. Jess also really loved this episode because of her connection to the theatre world through her dance past. 


Another one of Diana’s favorites was with Michelle Kuei. Diana liked this episode because it highlighted how different she and Ednesha are. Ednesha was not there that day and Diana came completely unprepared. When Michelle began telling her amazing story, Diana was fascinated because she hadn’t done her research. Despite the lack of preparation, everything still turned out nicely. Another one of Ednesha’s favorites was with Melody Pourmoradi the founder of GiRLLiFE. Ednesha appreciated was Melody had to say about empowering woman, but also about empowering yourself. She resonated with Melody’s message to know what your services are worth. 


Lastly, Jess’s third favorite episode was her own episode in the “My First Time” series. She enjoyed promoting therapy to everyone. Diana and Ednesha join in to talk about how much they enjoyed the series as a whole because they heard a variety of reasons why people come to therapy for the first time. 


Thank you so much for tuning into BeREAL this year and we hope you have your own favorite 2021 memories with us! Be on the lookout for Liz Buehler Walker’s takeover for the rest of the year. 


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