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Ep 090 – Lessons from 2021

BeREAL, podcast

Welcome back to BeREAL! This week Diana and Ednesha recap the mental health trends of the year and talk about the learned lessons from 2021.


The two begin by talking about what they’ve been up to recently as New York gets colder. Both have been back to Broadway and talk about what that experience was like. Ednesha also tells listeners about the workbook she is in the process of making. 


When they begin to talk about lessons from 2021, the biggest topic is relationships. Over the pandemic people grew apart. As things slowly returned to normal many people still felt disconnected and began to question their friendships. It was hard making time to see others, especially if you were working from home and never got alone time. Ednesha acknowledges that keeping relationships felt like another burden on top of the already stressful year.


Working from home also posed issues to maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Without having a commute, there wasn’t time to shift mindsets from work to home and the two quickly became one. For some jobs, like therapists, it could also indefinitely remain a virtual service. Even though both Diana and Ednesha have returned to the office, they still see many of their clients online.


To remedy the work/life imbalance, people began picking up new wellness routines. Some people found new hobbies like baking or playing an instrument. Others, like Diana, began to meditate more and practice more yoga. Ednesha suggests a wellness app that hosts more trainers of color for those interested. Diana also talks about how influential her Peloton was to her mental health. 


To close off the episode, the women talk about what still could improve. They focus specifically on the importance of a good sleep schedule. Many people still aren’t sleeping enough even while working at home. The duo suggests some ways to practice both a better night routine and a better morning routine to make the most out of every day. 


Thank you so much for tuning into BeREAL this week. If you haven’t already, go check out last week’s episode on the mental health impacts of caregiving


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