Ep 084 – Seasonal Affective Disorder

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Welcome back to BeREAL! Ednesha is back this week and is joining Diana to talk about Seasonal Affective Disorder. They discuss the definition, the symptoms, and treatment forms for the specific form of depression.


The duo begins the episode with a new segment. They don’t normally discuss what they have going on outside of the podcast, but now they’re ready to share! Ednesha talks about what is happening over at Black Woman Be Whole.


Next, the therapists move on to discuss Seasonal Affective Disorder. After defining what the disorder is, Ednesha begins to talk about what it is like to live with someone with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Ednesha notes that she used to think her partner was being rude to her when winter came along. However, she soon realized he was battling severe bouts of depression when it got cold and dark. Which leads the women to talk about whether it is the cold or the dark that brings on these depressive episodes. Figuring out what your specific trigger is is an important step of figuring out how to lessen the impact. 


After a short break, Ednesha brings in her partner, Aldrin, to hear a first hand experience with Seasonal Affective Disorder. He talks about what he does to help ease the mental health impact of SAD. He likes to travel in the winter months, and when that is not available, he likes to look at pictures of sunnier places. He also discusses how COVID affected his mental health. He found it actually helped lessen the impact of his Seasonal Affective Disorder. However, it was still important that he was getting outside and he did that by taking their new dog on walks. 


After Aldrin leaves, Diana and Ednesha are left to talk about possible treatment plans for Seasonal Affective Disorder. BeWELL’s newest wellness initiative, Indigo108, helps examine how people’s sleep and diet change throughout the seasons. This knowledge can help those suffering with SAD to see where they might need to reshape their routine. There are certain foods and meditative exercises that serve as mood booster and help combat depressive episodes. 


Thank you for tuning into BeREAL this week. Be on the lookout for an all new episode next Tuesday. In the meantime, make sure you check out last week’s episode on Indigo108.


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