Ep 083 – Introducing Indigo108

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Welcome back to BeREAL! This week we are rebroadcasting BeREAL’s second live show all about mental and emotional wellbeing. Diana and Ednesha were joined by wellness experts Liz Buehler Walker, Amina AlTai, Krishna Dholakia, and Jennifer Kurdyla to answer the question: What does it mean to be well?


After introductions, Ednesha jumps in to ask each of the women what it means to be well in regards to their specific disciplines. Diana says that wellbeing starts with putting thoughts and feelings into words so you can communicate your needs and wants. Amina defines wellbeing as a conduit to clarity. Jennifer adds on that the term “wellness” has been commercialized and prefers to use the term “holistic health.” She prefers this term also because it shows that wellbeing is so much more than the absence of illness.


Next, Ednesha asks about how their work supports the mental and emotional wellbeing of clients. Amina says that changing mindsets is a big part of connecting business and wellness into one practice, as often they are viewed as opposites. When asked about the mental and emotional wellbeing of clients specific during the pandemic, Amina talks about her “minimal viable wellness plan”. There are many activities that are unavailable to us at the moment due to the pandemic, so setting big expectations of wellness for ourselves can actually add more stress into our lives. That is why Amina is looking to simplify wellness so it is easy to integrate into a daily routine without feeling overwhelmed. Some of these plans she has said are as short as 90 seconds. 


Diana continues the conversation about the pandemic by talking about returning to “normal life.” She has noticed that many people who lead big lives before the pandemic are hesitant to go back to that lifestyle now that restrictions are easing up. A lot of people found comfort with being at home, and that is a form of wellness they can bring into the future with them. It is important to be mindful that people have changed over this past year and should not be pressured to act or perform as they had prior to COVID. 


To finish off the episode, Ednesha asks about how the women practice wellness in their own daily routine. The guests tell their stories with yoga, with outdoor walks, and with various forms of rest and relaxation. Lastly, they all share their upcoming initiatives. 


Thank you for tuning in today! We are very happy to add Liz Buehler Walker to our team as the new director of Health and Wellness. Be on the lookout for an all new episode next Tuesday.


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Krishna Dholakia: https://omandspice.com

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