Ep 050 – Black Women Be Whole Takeover

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Welcome back to BeREAL! This week we mix things up a little and Ednesha is coming to you without Diana. Ednesha is joined by the amazing Kimberly Moore and Marquia Farmer to announce their brand new podcast Black Woman Be Whole! To celebrate the new podcast and Black History Month, the women at Black Woman Be Whole will be taking over the BeREAL podcast for the entire month of February.

Image of Black Woman Be Whole, Kimberly Moore, Ednesha Saulsbury, and Marquia Farmer. They join us today to discuss black women and different ideas of what it means to be black. Image reads "BeREAL The Podcast - Episode 50: Black Woman Be Whole Takeover"

Ednesha begins the episode by explaining how Black Woman Be Whole will be different than BeREAL. She highlights that she will not be coming to the new podcast as a therapist, instead she will simply come as herself. Along with Kim and Marquia, the group is looking to showcase different versions of what it means to be black. 


Marquia continues on by telling listeners about how the three women met. Ednesha and Kim knew each other from high school, but Marquia didn’t meet them until much later. Marquia heard Ednesha talk at a conference and reached out in hopes that Ednesha would be her therapist. However, due to financial reasons that did not work out. Ednesha and Kim later asked Marquia to test a group they were forming. From there, Black Woman Be Whole was formed and Marquia joined the team. Now that team is excited to create their next project, the Black Woman Be Whole podcast.


After a short break, Marquia explains how she got into this work. She had found herself in a job position that was not fully utilizing her degree, and she was developing mental health issues. Marquia’s story about a specific breakdown she remembers having sparks a conversation around black women and mental health. People often discount the experiences had by black women and that leads to a stigma that they don’t face mental health problems. Black Woman Be Whole is looking to break down these stigmas and expose the truth of what it means to be a black woman.


The team wraps up with a discussion of sisterhood during the pandemic and also offers commentary on the presidential inauguration. More specifically, they debate whether or not JLO should be considered an icon. 


Thank you for tuning into the Black Woman Be Whole takeover on BeREAL! Be on the lookout for more Black Women Be Whole content next Tuesday. In the meantime, make sure to check out the latest BeREAL episode with Kimberly Daniels on adoption and mental health.


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