Ep 004 Vacation, Pandemic and a Lockdown Walk Into a Bar

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Disclaimer: This episode was recorded a couple of weeks ago, before New York City issued a shelter in place order as a means to combat the COVID-19 virus. The team here at BeWell does not advise traveling at this time or visiting places where many people will gather. The hosts and the guest for this episode have changed their ideas of how to maintain a healthy mind during this pandemic. We will continue to tell listeners to go outside as it complies with what each state or county has ordered, but people must practice physical distancing and avoid places with even small crowds. This is a way to promote mental wellbeing during this time, however, we would also like to stress how crucial physical wellbeing is one’s health. Stay safe and for more information on how to protect yourself you can visit the CDC website.


The BeREAL team continues to cover how to establish a new normal amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Diana and Ednesha are joined with Diana’s friend Rick to discuss what it is like to travel at this time (please see disclaimer above). Rick is brought on to discuss his recent trip to New York City that was initially to attend an event, until that event got cancelled due to the virus. 


The trio discuss ways to cope with the banning of large events and the possible emotional implications of these cancellations. They delve into the anxiety that is caused by not being able to anticipate what is coming next during these constantly changing times, and advocate for ways that people can use this time to look further into the future, and plan for life after the pandemic. Another hot topic that they take on is how to deal with the contradicting information coming from various prominent figures in politics, and how to ward off fears caused by the news that could be mentally overwhelming. Finally, the team concludes by offering suggestions for how to continue to practice good human values during this time and uplift those around you. Even though we may be physically separated during this time, it is important to remember that everyone around us is experiencing something similar at this time and might be facing similar mental health obstacles.


Thank you to everyone who tuned in to BeREAL this week and in the past. See you all next week!


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