Ep 033 – The Happiness Perspective with Farris Fakhoury

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Welcome back to The BeREAL Podcast! This week, Diana and Ednesha are joined by physical therapist Farris Fakhoury to discuss physical therapy, his new book, and his practice during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Image of Physical Therapist Farris Fakhoury as he discusses the mental health impacts of physical therapy and recovery from trauma. Image reads "BeREAL Podcast episode 33 The Happiness Perspective"

Farris is a physical therapist in a neurological rehab setting. He is also the author of “The Happiness Perspective” being published in December 2020. The premise of his book is happiness and the common threads his patients exhibit to help them unlock their happiness in recovery.


Farris begins the episode with a little backstory into how he got into physical therapy. He explains that it began back when he was a kid playing sports, and he had to seek injury recovery through physical therapy. From here, he developed a passion for the practice and pursued a psychology degree in college. Now he works with patients who have suffered neural damage through strokes and spinal cord injuries, but he primarily works with amputee patients. 


Farris discusses the topic of happiness a lot throughout the episode. He explains how he sees happiness as a muscle that needs to be worked and can grow and shrink. He doesn’t view happiness as a final destination, but rather a journey. Diana chimes in with her view of happiness and how she doesn’t see it as a constant state either. Instead, they both acknowledge how happiness ebbs and flows. From here, Farris discusses the mental health of his patients. He gives an overview of how he witnesses mental health change as his patients progress through recovery and gain more confidence. 


Lastly, Farris discusses how his life has been since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit. He goes over how it has given him the time to collect his journal entries from over the years and adapt them into a book that is to be published in December 2020. He also explains how his practice has changed. He definitely ran into some roadblocks doing physical therapy virtually, but he has been adjusting his techniques to give the best experience possible to his patients. His in person visits have also been different, as patients cannot bring support with them. He discusses how this is difficult both mentally and physically on the patients.


Thank you for tuning into BeREAL this week! Be on the lookout next Tuesday for a brand new episode. In the meantime, make sure to check out last week’s episode with Christian Ziraldo on therapy matchmaking.


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