Image Sydney Silver as she discusses soul coaching, business coaching, and mental health coaching. Image reads "BeREAL Podcast episode 35 Getting to the Heart of Soul Coaching"

Ep 035 – Getting to the Heart of Soul Coaching

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Welcome back to BeREAL! This week Diana and Ednesha are joined by Sydney Silver to discuss soul coaching, business coaching, and the differences between coaching and therapy. As a coach, Sydney is driven to help people realize their fullest potential. She integrates her spiritual and recovery-based life-skill strategies in service of helping clients balance the everyday demands of career, relationships, and personal goals.

Image Sydney Silver as she discusses soul coaching, business coaching, and mental health coaching. Image reads "BeREAL Podcast episode 35 Getting to the Heart of Soul Coaching"

At the start of the episode, Sydney explains her role as a soul coach and how she got into the practice. She tells how her journey into coaching began when she was diagnosed with cancer in her early thirties. This created a drive for her to create her own business. She began her practice as a business coach, helping people meet their external goals in life that revolved around money and success. However, she had a history of substance use and so substance recovery has always been a big part of her life. This lead her practice to branch out into spiritual, mental health, and addiction coaching. 


Next, the therapists and Sydney analyze how therapy differs from coaching. Sydney goes over how, depending on the client, her methods can be a little more rough than you would expect from a therapist. She explains how occasionally she just has to say “girl, wake up!” if her clients need to have a realization. This leads into a conversation about Sydney’s ideal client. 


After a short break, Ednesha asks Sydney about how her past with substance abuse ties into her work today. Sydney explains how she views addiction. She states her beliefs that all people are addicted to something. However, when your addiction isn’t to drugs or alcohol you lack the resources and programs needed for recovery. Sydney weaves this belief together with her past addiction to coach people who are facing addiction both with drugs and alcohol, but also with less publicized addictions.


The episode concludes with Sydney reviewing the structure of her soul coaching practice. She outlines how long meeting a goal usually takes, how often her clients see her, and what work they are expected to do in between sessions. 


Thank you so much for tuning into BeREAL this week! Be on the lookout for a brand new episode next Tuesday. In the meantime, check out last week’s episode with Becky Kavoussi on substance use and recovery.


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Shownotes Extras:

  • A grocery store divider is simply called a “check out divider.” However, in Dutch there is an official term for it, the “beurtbalkje.”
  • Diana’s business coach, Connie Vanderzanden, can be found at
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