Ep 038 – Post Election Conversation: Parenting, Politics, and Your Wellbeing

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Welcome back to BeREAL! This week, Diana and Ednesha are joined by Diana Limongi to discuss post election fatigue, pandemic exhaustion, and parenting during COVID.

Image of Diana Limongi, a podcaster who specializes in parenting and politics. She is here to discuss post election fatigue. Image reads "BeREAL The Podcast Episode 37: Post election conversation, parenting, politics, and your wellbeing."

Diana Limongi is a bilingual nonprofit professional, blogger, activist, podcaster and Latina mom. On her blog she writes about motherhood, life in NYC and raising bilingual and multicultural kids. Her podcast, Parenting and Politics, seeks to inform, inspire and empower parents to take action and make a difference. As a nonprofit professional and activist, Diana has experience in digital content creation and organizing, working with organizations that help mothers, children and families. She has worked with the Aspen Institute, ZERO TO THREE, ParentsTogether, Global Kids, MomsRising/MamasConPoder and was a UN Shot@Life Champion.


Diana (from BeWELL) and Ednesha begin the episode by discussing the recent fatigue they have been feeling. This is a culmination of post election fatigue as well as exhaustion due to the long lasting COVID-19 pandemic. They discuss how seasonal affective disorder will only build on this as we enter the winter months. They also discuss how normally they don’t disclose much about their current mood or mental health situation to patients, but during these times they find themselves being more candid than before. 


Diana Limongi joins in the episode and begins by telling the hosts about how her life is going during quarantine. She quickly moves into talking about the 2020 election. She talks about the work that she did through donations and social media campaigns to spread knowledge about the different choices on the ballots. She advises parents how to manage their time if they would like to contribute to a political campaign, but might see it as too big of a commitment with their kids doing school from home. Diana (the host) brings up how voting is hard and the election fatigue she faced since she realized she was voting in New Jersey for the first time. Diana Limongi agrees that voting is complex, and shares some resources for people to get more informed about their local politics. 


As the episode winds down, Limongi brings the focus of the conversation to the Department of Education. She outlines the issues she is seeing in regards to the DOE’s reaction to COVID and how many of it’s last minute decisions are inducing anxiety within parents. While voicing favorable solutions to the situations she is facing, Diana also offers some advice to parents of how to practice self care during these times. 


Thank you for tuning into BeREAL this week! Be on the lookout for an all new episode next Tuesday. In the meantime, make sure to check out last week’s episode with Randi Zinn about the Going Beyond Movement


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