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Welcome to the BeReal podcast. I am your host, Diana Gasperoni. I am a visionary psychotherapist, CEO and Founder of BeWell Psychotherapy and BeHer programs. Along with my amazing co-hosts Ednesha Saulsbury and Divya Robbin, each week, we will talk about the journey of mental health wellness. We will talk about why your mental health is just as important as your physical health and the connection that being mentally well has on all areas of your life. We will be interviewing psychotherapists from various disciplines and schools of thought, doctors from both Eastern and Western disciplines, authors, changemakers, thought leaders, and more. 

Our mission is to bring you information that is both thought provoking and encourages you to look closer at your mental and emotional well-being. We’ll give you tips and insights to take the next steps. Or if you’ve already gotten in the door, to go deeper. Each week, we are going to have real conversations, helping you work through your mental wellness questions, reminding you that you are not alone.  

Mental health is my passion. I practice what I preach. I know that the struggle is real. It is our mission to touch as many souls as we can with this content, leading you to a place of mental clarity and well-being. 

So, for the next hour, let’s work together and look underneath the surface and get real. 

Hey there, welcome to the BeReal podcast. This is our first episode. Ednesha Saulsbury is interviewing me. So here goes…

Why are the needs of women and girls so important to you?

Having support by other women and being empowered by other women and having the opportunity to do the same is so important to me. BeWell is a female-forward business. I consider it a gift that I’m able to have this opportunity to have women all together to support one another.  

What about the mind-body connection? Why is it important to you? 

What is happening in the body and what is happening in the mind are very significant. You have to be able to see where the body is holding, both the negative and positive feelings, and also look at the mind and how the mind is affecting your day-to-day. I want to be able to bring more information about that to the world. 

What are the things that you do to make sure you’re mentally well?

I have been in my own treatment… in my own therapy every week. We’re always growing, always evolving. There’s always something to talk about. If something is working, why would you stop? It’s a relationship that helps me live my life in a very positive and open and fulfilling way. I have a regular yoga practice and meditation practice. I have a fairly healthy diet, and I try to be as open and communicative with my partner and the people around me as I can. 

What made you decide to talk about mental wellness and bring it to the masses (via this podcast)? 

My intension is to connect with as many people, answer as many wellness questions as we can, and then help people make that appointment, get in the room, create that relationship, see the change in their life… or maybe talk to people who have already done it. This sparks some curiosity. Let’s go a little bit deeper. 

How did you make the decision to start BeWell? 

It started in a transitional period. It went through many incarnations, all the entrepreneurial side of a group practice. Watching it grow–that was something in itself. Now, we’ve laid the groundwork so we can grow and continue to grow. We’ll have this podcast, the training program, etc. 

What is it about developing other therapists that intrigues you? 

It’s about watching people shift and change and grow into who they were meant to be. I get to see therapists really mature and support and become amazing people. In turn, they are doing the same with their caseloads. It’s the ripple effect. Whatever I can do to support that… There’s just so much pleasure… 

What can listeners expect from the podcast?

More of us… information that will expand your thoughts, and hopefully spark some curiosity. We really want to talk to people who are interesting and thought-provoking. Authors. We’re going to have real conversations. Find out about the people and what they think and what their path to mental wellness was. It all leads back to the road of mental wellness. 

Have you ever dined and dashed at a restaurant?

I was a waitress. Never! 

What’s your favorite 80’s jam?

Madonna. Anything Madonna. 


Ok, let’s keep it real.


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