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BeWELL at Work: A Solution for Workplace Stress

Workplace stress has been consistently rising, with roughly 83% of employees reporting work-related stress. Increased work stress impacts physical and mental health and leads to harmful and unhealthy coping strategies, absenteeism, and lost productivity. Now more than ever, employees need additional resources and support for their mental health and well-being, and it is the responsibility of organizational leaders to connect them to and provide these resources. Additionally, organizational leaders must invest in their mental health to better support and manage their teams while creating an organizational culture where their employees can thrive.

BeWELL at Work as a Supportive Resource and Solution

BeWELL at Work offers companies a solution through a modernized approach to outdated employee assistance programs. It assists companies to better retention rates, increase engagement, and supports productivity.  

Before enrolling in the BeWELL at Work program, 100% of surveyed employees reported concerns with anxiety. Additionally, 67% reported difficulty sleeping, and 59% reported fatigue/low energy. More than 30 % of those surveyed reported problems with focusing/brain fog, depressed mood, and relationship conflicts. Those surveyed listed primary stressors as financial stressors (65%), work-life balance (65%), family and personal relationships (54%), and time management (50%). These findings suggest that employees are under increased stress that impacts their overall health and productivity and that work-related and non-work-related stressors affect their ability to do their job effectively.

Leaders who do not work with their employees to address stressors risk making employees feel unsupported and disconnected from their organizations. The impact of BeWELL at Work is clear. Of surveyed employees, 100% who have received mental health benefits through BeWELL at Work reported improved mental health and an overall positive impact of utilizing the benefit. There were notable shifts in their mood, leading to their ability to have more mental bandwidth and satisfaction in the workplace.

Bringing BeWELL at Work to Your Organization

BeWELL at Work offers an integrated approach to mental and emotional well-being. Each employee is paired with a therapist or mind-body coach who will address the unique concerns of each team member focusing on work/personal situations and stressors that may be impacting the employee’s ability to focus, participate, and be present at Work. This personalized approach leaves employees feeling more fulfilled and able to engage meaningfully with longevity in their organization. Through BeWELL at Work, organizational leaders receive coaching to ensure they have the support and guidance they need to create an organizational culture where their employees can thrive.


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