Ep 043 – Setting Yourself Up for Success After a Year of Disappointment

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Welcome back to BeREAL! This week, Diana and Ednesha are joined by BeREAL’s Jess Seavor. The team is here this week to do a mental health recap of 2020 and give advice on how to find success in 2021.

Image of BeWELL Psychotherapists having a mental health recap of 2020 and brainstorming how to be successful in 2021. Image reads, "BeREAL The podcast: Episode 43: Setting yourself up for success after a year of disappointment"

The women begin by retelling what they remember from the onset of the pandemic in March. Ednesha tells about the last patient she saw and how she had in her head that they would see eachother again in person within a few weeks. It is now nine months since then and they have not yet had an in person session again. Ednesha also shares what it was like to miss out of big planned events, like her birthday vacation she was going to go on in March. Diana shares about hiring Jess right at that time, and how Jess has done all her work away from the physical BeWELL office since then. 


Next, your hosts share a bit about some misconceptions people have about life at home during the pandemic. They discuss the idea that people have this idea that they have “more time” now and therefore should be doing exponentially more work or activities. The world is changing but time still moves at the same pace, so people should not be down on themselves if they can’t turn out more work than they could before. Also, it is important to hold onto some routine from before the pandemic so you can still live life within at least some sense of normalcy.


Moving on, Diana brings up the struggle of staying at home. They touch on some of the benefits, such as not needing to commute to work and therefore always being on time. However, they also talk about the feeling of being stuck while watching huge events play out in the news across the country. Some of these events are the pandemic itself, the 2020 US Election, the Black Lives Matter Movement, etc. 


Closing on the mental health recap of 2020, Diana highlights that one benefit of the year was that it raised awareness for the need of mental health treatment. It helped breakdown a lot of stigmas surrounding the field as more and more people from different backgrounds found that they needed help. Going forward, Ednesha suggests that everyone chooses one goal for 2021. She wants it to be something accomplishable and that people should not expect more from themselves than physical/mentally possible. 


Thank you so much for tuning into BeREAL’s mental health recap of 2020! Be on the lookout for new episodes in the New Year. In the meantime, make sure to check out last week’s episode on yoga and body positivity with Paris Alexandra.


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