BeREAL Small Talks: The Importance of Mental Health for Leadership

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Welcome back to BeREAL! In this minisode, Diana and Ednesha are joined by BeWELL’s very own, Dr. Victoria Rodriguez, to discuss mental health in the workplace and in positions of leadership.

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As a psychotherapist, Dr. Rodriguez has experience working with clients facing depression, anxiety, mood disorders, grief and loss, and major life transitions.  In addition to working in private practice, she has also completed her Doctorate in Strategic Leadership, is a certified running coach, has worked as an imagine consultant, and is active on the mental health team at her church. Her experiences in these areas allow her to uniquely blend psychotherapy with leadership coaching to assist her clients in achieving their career goals and overcome obstacles in the workplace.

Dr. Rodriguez begins the episode by giving a bit of background on her professional and personal life. She focuses on her recently completed doctorate in Strategic Leadership. She explains how she marries her doctorate with her background in psychotherapy to better understand social work in terms of business. One issue she touches on is that many people feel as though they present themselves differently at work and at home. This division can cause anxiety in people’s lives, as they might feel as though it is difficult to show up completely to both social settings. 

The conversation shifts to a more business focused issue; what separates a manager and a leader? Dr. Rodriguez explains the importance that a boss leaders their employees in the workplace. They lead through example. They should serve as role models for what they want the whole company to look like, and their employees will look up to that and learn. Being a leader also means building trust within a workplace. With trust, a business can produce better, more desired outcomes. 

Lastly, your hosts touch on how leaders can improve mental health in the workplace. It is important that leaders acknowledge obstacles to good mental health, and offer solutions so their followers can better their mental health. 

Thank you for tuning into BeREAL this week. Be on the lookout for our first ever Live Show next week. In the meantime, be sure to check out Tuesday’s episode on fertility and family planning. 

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