Ep 027 – Sometime You Just Have to Laugh: Laughter for Your Mental Health with Comedian Jori O’Neale

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Comedian Jori O'Neale

This week on BeREAL, Diana and Ednesha are joined by Jori O’Neale to discuss comedy and how laughter is beneficial to mental health.


Jori O’Neale, is an accomplished comedian with experience at some of the best comedy clubs in New York City. She has performed at comedy clubs such as Comix, the famed Caroline’s Comedy Club and garnished weekly laughs at “Hot Pudge Sunday’s” comedy special at Laugh Lounge. Jori is a rising star among local comedians. She attended Comix Comedy School before performing at multiple comedy circuits in New York City and here on Long island. She is a fantastic performer, but more than that, she understands how to keep a crowd engaged and has over 12 years experience consulting and training.


Jori begins the episode by recalling how she got into comedy. Sarcasm and humor were a big part of her upbringing, and having many siblings definitely helped craft her comic skills. Jori describes what her comedy was like pre-COVID, and then goes into how her shows have changed during the pandemic. Now with everything going virtual, Jori and her husband have formed a production company that produces a comedy show out of their basement.


Jori’s reason for founding a new show at this time was that she couldn’t find any clean comedy shows that were available to view during quarantine. Jori explains the thought process behind many of her business endeavours by saying that if she can’t find something, then she must create it. She explains how she used comedy as a mental health aide when she was younger, and how she is now becoming that aide for others.


Lastly, Jori elaborates on her plans for the future. She has started transitioning back to in-person shows (that heed COVID regulations of course), and would like to grow those shows as well.


Thank you so much for tuning into BeREAL this week! Be on the lookout for an all new episode next Tuesday, but in the meantime, make sure to check out last week’s episode with Allie Beach of Broadway Dance Center.


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