5 Places for (Free!) Social Distanced Dates in Hoboken: Ideas from a Couples Therapist


Whether you’re on a first date (Bumble, anyone?) or looking to bring some refreshed fun into your relationship, date nights are important.  It doesn’t matter if the date is simple (coffee or a drink) or adventurous (did someone say climbing?) — your free social distanced dates should be whatever feels right for you and your person.  

Image of a cute Hoboken spot for free social distanced dates. Image reads "Three places for Social Distanced Dates in Hoboken Ideas from a Couples Therapist"

Now — let’s talk about dates that are socially distanced in Hoboken.  Hudson County has a lot to offer… but you already knew that.  Our couples therapists have selected their top 5 and we’re excited to share.  It might be a good time to make plans for this weekend!

(H2) #1 Pier A Movies

Pier A hosts free movie screenings that are open to the public every Wednesday night.  A perfect outdoor date — bring a couple of chairs, a warm blanket for a cool night, and some popcorn to share.

(H2) #2 Did Someone Say Frank Sinatra?

Hoboken is the birthplace of music, film and culture icon Frank Sinatra — it makes sense his life and accomplishments are celebrated with the bronze sidewalk star.  Whether you grab a bite to eat, decide to walk around the city, or explore other sites… a visit to Frank Sinatra’s star is a must.

(H2) #3 Waterfront Exploring

Whether it’s a jog, a walk, or biking — a beautiful day calls for enjoying the waterfront walkway.  With views of the New York City skyline and Hudson River, you can enjoy a stroll all the way from downtown to uptown and back again, with stops at Pier A, B and C along the way.

(H2) #4 Music

If you’re reading this during the warm weather… you are in luck.  Every Thursday evening at the amphitheater during the summer, enjoy the free outdoor concerts.  These outdoor Hoboken concerts include the Sinatra Idol Contest (who is ready to be famous?), the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, and even a Swing dance show.

(H2) #5 Getting Crafty

Okay this one isn’t exactly free, but DIY Uncorked offers some of the most unique sip and create workshops in all of New Jersey.  If you and your beau are ready to get creative, you can sign up for a session where instructors will work with you step-by-step… all while you enjoy a few drinks.  This big, open warehouse setting is the right vibe for getting crafty.

DIY Uncorked offers a variety of unique workshops including creating a decorative mirror, Mason Jar sconces, wine rack, hanging cable shelves or hanging coffee bar.  No time like the present — check out the Groupon for half off!

(H2) That’s Not All

Yes we think these three date ideas are fun, but there is so much more available in our gorgeous city.  Take a walk in a new area, go for a bike ride together, maybe check out a local Hoboken trivia night or street festival.  

The important thing here is that the date is something you enjoy together.


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