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The Importance of Mental Health in Leadership

Thursday January 21 @ 7PM EST

One of the largest struggles that leaders and entrepreneurs find is that they have taken all the business courses, they know how to make the numbers, they have the drive to make an impact, and have the ambition to get goals met – but just knowing all of that isn’t enough.

Research finds that the events of 2020 led to the start of a ‘Mental Health Crisis’ and respondents to a survey said that the biggest way their emotional burnout showed up was in the workplace. That means that mental health will inevitably present in your team and as a leader, you must know how to manage mental health to the highest levels so that you can get the optimal results. Studies also find that employee satisfaction and performance rate are linked to the mental health and wellness of the employees. 

Being a leader requires interacting with people, making a meaningful impact to your team that they want to be a part of your organization. Your job isn’t only to run the business but to lead your team so that they feel motivated, understood, and enjoy coming to work. It’s not only about creating the team that gets goals met but the team that feels they matter – that their well-being matters. Especially as we go into 2021, after a year of extreme stress and burnout – it is critical as leaders to know how to support mental health and create a healthy environment for those you lead.

Join Dr. Victoria Rodriguez, Leadership Consultant, Business Strategist, and Psychotherapist in a FREE information-packed webinar about how to create a work environment that will not only that will foster your employee’s mental health – but yours as well. Dr. Rodriguez has advised numerous leaders to create a healthy work environment with happy employees who perform well, meet goals, and feel valued and part of a meaningful organization. 

Watch the replay here!

For more information, check out Victoria’s blog post about mental health in leadership.


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