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Ep 096 – The BeREAL Break

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Welcome back to BeREAL! Diana and Ednesha are hopping on this week to talk a little bit about the importance of a break. In honor of this, BeREAL is also announcing a short hiatus until the end of March. 


The duo talks about how they are needing to pivot yet again after two year in the pandemic. When fatigue begins to set in, it is important to slow yourself down before your body makes you slow down. In honor of this, and her 40th birthday approaching, Ednesha announces that she needs a little vacation soon. Diana and her brainstorm where she could go on her Eat, Pray, Love adventure. They discuss different beaches and mountains around the globe that could make amazing destination spots. 


Diana talks about what she has learned about herself from traveling solo. She shares a story about her first trip by herself to Paris, and offers Ednesha many options of what to do on her solo trip. 


Lastly, the women discuss the break they will be taking until the end of March. We wish all the listeners an amazing few months until then, and want to express our deepest gratitude for tuning in for these past two years. 


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