Ep 016 – Minority Mental Health Month

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Divya is back this week on BeREAL! She joins Diana and Ednesha in talking about Minority Mental Health Month. The episode covers a wide range of issues pertaining to minorities seeking therapy treatment, from wealth to cultural stigmas and all things in between. 


The episode begins with the ladies discussing their quarantine situations, and what they plan on doing once restrictions are loosened. After the introductions, the clinicians get into the topic of how to train culturally competent therapists. Ednesha brings up the fact that therapy is not “one size fits all,” yet most treatment models are centered around white patients. She explains the implications of the lack of attention given to minorities in therapy research, and how it deters some people who could really benefit from engaging with a therapy practice. 


Divya brings up the topic of how therapy is set in a white western industrialized environment and doesn’t pay attention to nuances of different cultures. These differences can be as small as showing respect by responding to personal questions from a client to as drastic as not accounting for the different lived experiences across different cultures.


Diana believes it is important during Minority Mental Health Month to acknowledge the various reasons why minorities may be hesitant to seek therapy. There are cultural barriers that may need to be overcome, but there are also many issues with the medical field itself that discourage possible patients. Some of these are wealth and the lack of diversity across therapy practices. 


The episode concludes with your hosts answering some light-hearted questions from the BeREAL producer, Don. They take a dive into their pasts as they divulge some of their worst fashion trends and their childhood celebrity crushes. 


Thank you so much for tuning into BeREAL this week. Remember to come back new week for a brand new episode. In the meantime, if you missed last week’s episode, give it a listen!


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