Ep 012 – Yoga, Pregnancy, and Ednesha’s Big Reveal with Liz Buehler

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On this week’s episode of BeREAL, Diana and Ednesha are joined by Liz Buehler Walker, Diana’s longtime friend. 


Liz Buehler Walker is a mom, yoga teacher (specializing in Pre- and Post-Natal) and most recently a labor organizer with Unionize Yoga. With 20 years of experience teaching yoga in NYC, Liz has been around the block more than a few times — as a teacher in small community and corporate studios, co-founder and co-director of Yoga High with Mel Russo, teacher trainer, mentor, and one of the organizers of the first ever yoga union.


Liz begins by explaining how her practice has changed over the past month. She goes over the struggles associated with not being able to physically assist her students, and how hosting a class for students across many different environments can distract from the shared experience that is common in yoga studios. Liz also touches on the benefits of teaching virtual yoga, such as how the new situation has stripped down the “luxurious” image that many people associate with yoga. She stresses how the practice should not focus on the expensive mats or the fancy clothes, and instead focus on the body. 


Next, Liz dives into more information about prenatal yoga. Liz has worked with pregnant people for many years, and has had a child herself. However, she acknowledges that her experience and the experience of her students is very different from what other people experience. Ednesha provides anecdotes and current news stories that showcase how pregnancy is a very different experience in communities of color than in white communities. 


Lastly, Liz and Ednesha discuss the importance of diversifying the field of doulas and other job fields that assist pregnant people. They also highlight how the current services offered do not cater to communities of color and the implications this has on safety and mental health. 


Thank you so much for joining us this week on the BeREAL Podcast. Remember to come back next Tuesday for an all new episode!


Below are some doula services that cater to communities of color:


Latham Thomas: https://mamaglow.com/


Ancient Song Doula Services: https://www.ancientsongdoulaservices.com/


Liz Buehler Walker can be found on:


Her website: www.brooklynyogalife.com


Instagram: @lizbyogalife


Facebook: @lizbyogalife


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