Ep 010 – Thriving Professionally Amidst the Chaos with Amina AlTai

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This week, Diana and Ednesha are joined by Amina AlTai to discuss doing business during the pandemic, and how to continue to thrive professionally.


Amina AlTai is a holistic business and mindset coach. She is the first social entrepreneur to successfully create a methodology that supports the health of a business and its people at the same time. After spending a decade grappling with a fast-paced career in marketing and two autoimmune diseases, Amina hit burnout. In hopes of healing her own life, she sought training in nutrition, fitness and mindfulness and her goal became to teach others how to balance a thriving career, body and mind. She takes a mind, body and business approach to coaching—examining any blocks in the mindset, in our bodies and our work—to help us thrive.


The trio discuss how business has changed so far during the pandemic, as well as the possible effects it could have on business in the post-pandemic world. They examine the changes in consumer behavior and see what that might mean for business production. They talk about the way businesses are handling the current situation and provide examples of good business practices and other practices that are harmful for the wellbeing of their employees. Amina sheds light on the importance of businesses meeting their employees where they are at the given moment; not asking too much for them, while also not leaving them behind. 


Amina is launching a series of online courses that offer many different insights into business and the coronavirus. The first of which is titled “Thriving in a Global Pandemic.” This course offers ways to deal with a lost job, a lost project, and other effects of COVID-19. The course covers topics such as grief and fear, turning genius into a way to support yourself during these times, and designing projects that align with your values.  BeREAL listeners can receive 15% of this course if they use the promo code “BEREAL,” and on top of that Amina will be donating an additional 15% to No Kid Hungry.


Thank you so much for your continued support, if you missed last week’s episode, make sure to catch up before an all new episode next Tuesday. For more information on Amina’s work and course see the links below:


“Thriving in a Global Pandemic” course: https://amina-altai.teachable.com/p/thriving-in-a-global-crisis


Website: www.aminaaltai.com


Instagram: @aminaaltai


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