BeHER is a philosophy and practice designed for women
who want to grow together with other like-minded women


A BeHER CIRCLE is an 8 week intensive deep dive for like-minded women. Participants meet once a week for 90 minutes with a licensed, credentialed BeHER therapist.

The program is intense, thought provoking, and is designed for women who are interested in feeling immediate mind shifts. Women complete Circles with actionable tools to navigate routines with different outcomes.

Common Topics

  • Identity
  • Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Career
  • Empty nest
  • Fertility
  • Motherhood pre and post-partum

Registration to Circles are ongoing and new circles start regularly

To be added to our next circle call 646-863-0101 or sign up here


BeHER TEEN Circle was developed to promote the importance of mental health and mental health best practices for young women.

Over a 12 week period, a Circle (group) of high school students meet weekly for a one – hour session with a licensed BeHER Therapist.

Following the BeHER TEEN Curriculum, students are challenged to confront emotions and behaviors in a new way – and identify and shift behaviors that may inhibit them from adjusting to new and current situations.

Through intervention and new understanding, participants will rely on the group to help navigate topics common when facing transitions upon graduation.

Common Topics:

  • Academic Struggles
  • Anxiety
  • Body Dysmorphia
  • Eating Disorders
  • Peer Relationships
  • Social Media
  • Strained family relationships


A BeHER TEEN CIRCLE is a place for young women to voice thoughts and feelings in a progressive manner giving participants the courage to express themselves in a new and positive way.

The young women are given interventions and tools that allow them to foster trusting relationships, use the group as a mirror and develop communication skills and self reflection needed for their post high school experience.

The mission of BeHER TEEN is to create a space for young women to understand and uncover parts of herself that keep her from being fully successful. If young understand how to nurture and take charge of their mental health needs, she will have a fuller view of herself in the world and make clearer decision for her future.

For more information on bringing BeHER TEEN to your school
Call: 646-863-0101

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