Free Mental Health Webinar about the Ayurveda Outer Space and Inner world.

BeWELL Psychotherapy Presents:

Outer Space / Inner World:

Creating a Space That Helps You Thrive with Liz Buehler Walker, Dir. of Health and Wellbeing and special guest Cristina Maria RojasFernandez, BeWELL Psychotherapist

In Ayurveda, the space around you is actually part of your physical self, and it can either support your best qualities or get in the way of you being at home inside and out.

Celebrating the Spring Equinox, the March Wellness Talk offers the why and how of connecting to your environment  for your creativity and vibrancy to emerge just as the flowers and birds do at this time of year.

Clear space, clear mind. What are the changes you want to make to your external and mental spaces this spring? Less clutter? More color? Soothing the stress? Bring your questions and conundrums and get some ideas from Liz and Cristina Maria for making your outer space reflect your inner wisdom.

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