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The Importance of Mental Health

Join Diana Gasperoni, LCSW-R, Founder, & CEO of BeWELL Psychotherapy in a FREE information-packed webinar about the importance of mental health LIVE from our brand new office in Hoboken, NJ on Thu, May 20 at 7pm et.

Diana, founder of BeWELL, started this women-led therapy practice to advocate for the importance of mental health – and that it is JUST AS important as physical health. ⁠

Good mental health is not something you achieve, but a lifelong journey. Curious on how to reflect on your mental health journey? ⁠

Here are some reflection questions to think about your mental health journey ⬇️⁠

• How was mental health discussed in your household growing up? Was it prioritized?⁠

• When you are feeling burnt out/stressed, how do you cope?⁠

• Are you happy with how you are able to manage your emotions?⁠

• What are ways that you take care of your mental health?⁠

BeWELL Psychotherapy encourages you to care for your mental health every day – but if you are not where you want to be on your mental health journey, it’s never too late to start!⁠

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