Coping with the Loss of Normalcy

Coping with the Loss of Normalcy, May 24th 7PM EST.  Join Jordan Shapiro LMSW for a FREE Webinar on ‘Coping with the loss of normalcy’.

Identifying different ways the pandemic might have impacted us, what we may feel we missed out on or lost because of it, and how to cope with this.
We will explore different ways that the pandemic has forced us to adjust our expectations of ourselves, of others, and reconstruct our future planning.

Jordan is committed to curating a safe space for her clients to speak freely and honestly. Using empathy/compassion, she strives to create a positive and trusting relationship with her clients. Jordan helps uncover the underlying feelings and emotions experienced by the individual to help restore confidence and a better understanding of their thoughts. She believes that a strong therapeutic alliance is essential for progress.

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