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Feeling Stuck? How to Explore Who You Are, Who You’ve Been, and Become Who You Want To Be

Thursday November 19 @ 7PM EST

Have you found yourself feeling lost? Not being content with where you are in life? Feeling unhappy or unsatisfied? Confused about where to go?

If you have, you are not alone. BeWELL Therapists have helped thousands of individuals in New York City find their identities and sense of self in a city of a million people. It can be hard to navigate who we are, when we feel unsatisfied or not up to comparison to others around us. If you have found yourself feeling unsure of who you are and hoping to gain clarity, then this FREE webinar is a great place to start.

This webinar is hosted by Gillian Litcher, LMHC, and BeWELL Wellness Expert. Gillian works with many people who are busy in their external life and helps them understand their internal sense of self more. She helps people make shifts in their life so that they feel satisfied with who they are amidst the busy day-to-day and uncontrollable circumstances. Gillian reminds people that they can’t control their external circumstances but they can shape their reactions so that they are in line with what will promote a life that is mentally and physically healthy.

At the end of the webinar after giving the audience tips on how to feel ‘unstuck’, Gillian will have a 15 minute Q&A so the audience can ask questions and share insights.

Watch the replay here!

For more information, check out Gillian’s blog post on navigating identity in the pandemic.


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