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Managing Your Anxiety in the Pandemic

Date: Thursday March 18, 2021

Time: 7:00PM EST

Are You Constantly Trying to Manage Your Anxiety in the Pandemic?… You are Not Alone!

Looking back at 2020, who would have thought? For millions of people, the pandemic has increased their anxiety in multiple areas of their lives. Some who would typically experience the once in a blue moon feeling of anxiety are now starting to feel like it is more of the norm. Then for others who could not have imagined their higher levels of anxiety getting any worse have also experienced an increase. But there’s still hope!

Often, feelings of uncertainty and fear of the unknown cause us to be on high alert. This is where anxiety often comes in! Creating a sense of normalcy can help. As we begin to identify the various ways that anxiety can show up and what to do about it, it’s important to remember that our needs are also constantly changing. The hope is that you will find these tips useful and seek resources to manage your anxiety.

Reality Check: Anxiety is a normal feeling. However, like anything else, there has to be a balance. Heightened anxiety that has not been properly addressed can be harmful to our mental health. If this is the case, it is important to seek professional support from a licensed mental health provider. Not everyone who has experienced some form of anxiety requires a mental diagnosis.

Anxiety can be a helpful way to make you aware of your triggers. When anxiety starts to kick in, it is like our internal alarm system has gone off; it wakes us up, it’s constantly trying to get our attention. Why did it alarm go off? What should you do? We all have different triggers caused by people, events, or situations that we cannot always avoid but can make adjustments to live a life that allows us to show up as our most authentic selves and feel good about it.

Join Tamika Covington, LMSW in a FREE information-packed webinar about how to manage anxiety in the pandemic. Tamika has over 10 years of experience helping teens and adults navigate and talk through the complexities of clinical diagnosis, negative self-image, and trauma. Whether a client is new to therapy or returning to work on their therapeutic goals, Tamika is intentional about ensuring her clients feel heard, understood and welcomed.

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For more information, check out Tamika’s blog post about managing anxiety during the pandemic.


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