New York City Psychotherapist: Sarah Meckler

Location – Midtown, NYC

Sarah Meckler, LCSW


Sarah Meckler has been a mental health practitioner for over 14 years. She specializes in helping her clients identify areas for growth within their lives that would result in a happier future for themselves.

Sarah especially enjoys working with the LGBTQIA+ population, people in non-traditional relationships, as well as young adults and teens to help them manage stress, clarify identity issues, support them through transitions and help modify destructive patterns of behavior. Sarah focuses on creating a safe, open-minded, and welcoming environment for all clients along their path toward self-discovery. Along the way, she assists clients in analyzing areas they would like to change and she collaborates with them to adjust unwanted behaviors or thought patterns that are holding them back.

Caring and open-minded, Sarah loves helping people to feel better about themselves and their lives. She takes an eclectic approach when it comes to assisting clients in their pursuit of their authentic selves. Sarah integrates psychodynamic philosophy with mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral techniques, goal setting and planning, motivational interviewing, within a relational approach. She is passionate about social justice and enjoys incorporating social awareness into her work with clients. Her overall objective is to help clients reach their personal goals, and improve their sense of emotional well-being.

Sarah’s integrative and holistic approach creates a person-centered environment that prioritizes the client’s individual needs and desires. Sarah is passionate about guiding clients to enhance their lives.

The University of the State of New York, LCSW (2008)
NYU Silver School of Social Work, MSW (2004)
Oberlin College, BA, Sociology and Gender Studies (1998)

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