New York Therapy with Imani Movva

Location – Midtown, NYC

Imani Movva, LMSW


Imani Movva specializes in evidence-based Psychodynamic Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavioral therapy for individuals, couples and groups. While specializing in a wide range of modalities; CBT, DBT, Humanistic, Holistic, Trauma, Conflict Mediation, Depression, Anxiety and Stress management, and Motivational Interviewing – she thrives in partnering with clients to explore and apply innovative therapeutic methods that are personalized and holistic.

Imani is adept in supporting individuals in managing complex relationships within sensitive dynamics; workplace bullying, managing difficult bosses, helicopter parents, emotional abuse and conditioning within cultural, familial, religious constructs, etc. With a strong background in leading mental health from the lens of diversity, inclusion, LGBTQ, multicultural, first generational, gender and identity – Imani has a deep understanding and proficiency in empowering others to safely explore their identities, fears and strengths to deconstruct negative thinking patterns and conditioning and powerfully recreate healthier, happier and optimal lives, unapologetically.

Her certifications in Executive Coaching and corporate experience allow her to uniquely blend psychotherapy with coaching methods to help clients heal, build confidence, prepare for vigorous interviews in competitive fields, succeed in Fortune companies, create healthier relationships, increase wellness competency, and essentially achieve careers and lives aligned with their vision and passions.

Imani is passionate about exploring the infinite ways in how people can step into the lives they deserve, and knows first hand the courage and strength that demands. Whether through travel, jumping out of an airplane, comedy writing or singing out of tune – Imani is committed to finding inventive ways to be healthy mind, body and spirit – while embracing the imperfectly beautiful journey.

Accessible at our 171 Madison psychotherapy office, Imani is currently accepting new appointments.

NYU Silver School of Social Work, LMSW
NYU Certified Executive/ Corporate Coach
The Second City Comedy Training Center Graduate; Comedy and Improvisation for Anxiety.

Connect with Imani today to schedule your free consult or first appointment.

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