Teanika Chamberlain, LCSW


Teanika BeWELL Psychotherapy in NYC in 2021.

Teanika Chamberlain specializes in assisting her clients with managing day to day stressors by providing empowering methods to stimulate emotional wellness.

Teanika enjoys providing therapeutic services to the working professional who is in need of support with managing stress, having more fulfilling relationships, learning more about themselves, and establishing emotional healthiness, thus improving all areas of life.

A strong believer in Holistic Wellness, Teanika supports her clients by giving them power over their mental health. She is very passionate about improving day to day functioning by assisting her clients with decreasing depression, anxiety, and the utilization of unhealthy coping strategies.

Teanika has experience treating clients who have low self-esteem, have been exposed to trauma, and suffer from the impact of unaddressed mental health symptoms on relationships and life goals. Teanika decided to pursue psychotherapy as a career when she witnessed the lack of cultural comptency’s effect on mental health treatment and how the lack of diversity in therapists impacts a client’s willingness to seek treatment. Teanika has been professionally trained in the utilization of motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. As an African American professional, Teanika would like to support people of color by providing quality therapeutic services.

Adelphi University School of Social Work, MSW- 2011<
St. Joseph’s College, BS – CommunityHealth and Human Services- 2007
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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