Locations: Midtown, NYC/Hoboken, NJ/Online Therapy
Specialties: College Transition/Anxiety/Depression/Family Problems/Women’s Issues/Online Therapy

Miranda Marshall

Clinical Intern

Miranda is a current second-year Master of Social Work student at Columbia University. She is committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and open environment for clients that is tailored to their treatment goals. Miranda approaches therapy with the goal of establishing a collaborative dynamic between clients and herself, as she hopes to support clients as they navigate their therapeutic journey. Miranda establishes a positive and safe environment during the session through actively listening to not only what her clients are saying, but also to their body language in order to maintain the client’s comfortability at all times. During sessions, clients will be able to lead the conversation in directions that they feel most comfortable, while Miranda supports and encourages further exploration of the topics that each client brings to the table.


Miranda aspires to support clients in developing and maintaining boundaries, learning more about themselves and their emotions, and working through their varying life experiences. Within this field, she is passionate about working with clients surrounding their overall mental health, anxiety, women’s issues, and coping with parental divorce. Therapy with Miranda entails discussing a client’s life history and taking a look at how past experiences may be affecting them in the current day. Using the client’s knowledge and expertise on their life experiences, Miranda will support the client in developing not only treatment goals, but ways in which the client will achieve those goals. Miranda is a kind and compassionate individual who aims to provide treatment tailored to addressing each client’s individual needs and goals.


Connect with Miranda today to schedule your free consult or first appointment. She is ready to help!


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