Lali Herrera, LMSW


My work is primarily with empaths and seekers who are searching to replant their spirits and dig their roots deep to unearth their most aligned version Self. I bridge my clinical social work background with Spirit Medicine. My background and experiences with Plant Medicine Ceremonies, Entheogens, Shamanism, Energy Healing, Hypnosis, and Yoga has equipped me with a deeper understanding of the soul’s journey and the human condition. 

I believe that therapy is a synergetic journey, guided by your inner healing intelligence. Inner healing intelligence is the innate & intrinsic ability to move towards wholeness. Just as the body knows to heal itself without any conscious direction; the psyche, when given a chance, also wants to move towards healing. 

I specialize in working with complex trauma, Self-doubt, unconscious reprogramming, non-traditional relationships, disconnection from Self, and integration from experiences of expanded states of consciousness. In my psychotherapeutic work I use a variety of methods such as Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Harm Reduction, Somatic Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. These methods are often coupled with Journeying, Visioning, Meditation, and Mind-Body connections. The two worlds of clinical social work and Spirit medicine are easily intertwined with the foundation of a trusting therapeutic relationship in addition to deep dives into your inner healing intelligence, intuition, and beyond. 

Whether it be from your Saturn return, a life transition, relationships, integration, or simply developing a greater connection with yourself; I am eternally grateful to walk beside you on your journey of discovery.



Center for Psychedelic Research & Therapies- California Institute of Integral Studies 

Certified Shamanic Reiki Master & Practitioner – The Sanctuary NY

Trauma to Dharma: Somatic Psychotherapy – Hakomi Institute 

Certified Hypnotist – GVM

Ordained Minister – Universal Life Church

Certified in Trauma-Informed Yoga– Feet on The Ground



Virginia Commonwealth University, Bachelor of Social Work
NYU, Master of Social Work

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