Arianna Eisenberg, LCSW

Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor NYC, Team Lead

Arianna specializes in working with individuals and couples who desire to achieve ease, and contentment in their lives through their relationships. Arianna has a long practice in working with individuals and pairs, helping them to learn new language around their needs, and to unlearn  old coping skills that have blocked them from expressing what they actually desire.

If you are someone who is looking to increase your confidence, improve your relationships, feel unstuck or seek to understand your needs on a deeper level, Arianna can work with you to achieve these goals.

Arianna recognizes that people may inadvertently establish negative coping skills in an effort to overcome perfectionism, depression, anxiety, or stress due to family, social, or career situations.

Arianna is deeply passionate about working with clients to uncover what motivates them, so that they are better able to communicate their wants and needs to partners, friends and family- ultimately building better relationships and overall well being. 

Arianna works with her clients so that each person feels more confident pursuing their needs in all aspects of their lives. She understands that the therapeutic relationship is similar to a partnership- the more open and comfortable, the better the outcome. She meets you where you are at whether that is a career shift, a change in a relationship, a transition or a wish to understand yourself better, she uses her intensive clinical experience as well as elements of psychoanalytic theory, CBT, motivational interviewing and more to lead you to the increased self-worth, growth and change you desire. 

She is committed to supporting her clients as they uncover what must shift in their lives so that their goals can be fulfilled using communication and language skills learned in session.She is ready and eager to help her clients figure out what they truly want, how they can build skills to support their success and understand what is missing that is hindering their happiness- both personally and professionally.

Accessible at our Hoboken and 171 Madison psychotherapy offices, Arianna is currently accepting new appointments.

School Of Visual Arts, BFA, Photography,
Fordham University School of Social Service, MSW

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