BeHER Circle Facilitator Training

BeHER Circle training is a training program for professionals who want to establish themselves as experienced group leaders. Upon completion of the training you are licensed to use the BeHER/BeHER TEEN Curriculum in your practice, at your agency, in your school.

Training is open to all mental health professionals and LMSWs and LCSWs will acquire CEU’s .


BeHER Circle Training is a 3 day immersion. You will:

  • Learn how to apply Modern Analytic Group interventions to a short term group.
  • How to apply the F.I.T. model of group work (Focused, Interactive, Time limited).
  • Learn how to Erikson’s theory of identity development can be actualized in a short term group, using a modern analytic approach.
  • Gain experience and if applicable, Continuing Education Units

BeHER Circle Facilitator Training is offered 3 times a year. Participants graduate with:

  • BeHER Licensure
  • BeHER Curriculum (for teens and adults)
  • Worksheets
  • Marketing kit
  • On-going online supervision
  • Membership to BeHER Facilitator online group
  • Listing on
  • Spotlight in BeHER-now Newsletter
  • Digital presence

CEU’s are applied depending on location of practice and professional licensure

Upcoming BeHER Circle Training dates

Spring 2019, April 12,13 & 14.
Fall 2019, October 25,26 & 27.


Jianna Heuer, LCSW
90 Broad St. 3rd floor New York NY 10004

Nicole Matusow, LCSW
928 Broadway, Suite 1206 New York, NY 10010

Melanie Stitt LSW/LMSW
8419 Germantown Avenue Phila, PA 19119

Ednesha Saulsbury, LCSW
Be.WELL. Psychotherapy Group
928 Broadway NYC, 171 Madison NYC

Arianna Eisenberg, LCSW
Be.WELL. Psychotherapy Group
171 Madison, NYC

For more information on BeHER Circle Facilitator Training:

P: 646-863-0101

The BeHER Circle training was an eye opening experience. You’re simultaneously gaining group skills as an observer and a participant w/ ongoing supervision and support. Melanie Stitt, LMSW, BeHER Facilitator, since 2017


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